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Anonymous asked: Where do you work?



the low cal calzone zone

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I asked my three year old cousin who how many times he lived before he became who he currently is. He said he lived three lives.

The first person he said that he was someone fighting against the man with the square moustache. I showed him a picture of Adolfo Hitler and asked…

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i want to be in a folk punk band and do screaming amy winehouse covers on banjo

i kind of feel like i’ll be putting off things i care about for things i don’t care about that are supposedly more important for the rest of my life

i can’t even get anything done until my brother goes to bed…..

my brother is going to grow up to be such an asshole lmao i can’t wait until he’s in high school and still sleeping in my parents bed

Anonymous asked: u sucha qt


not as qt as you tho

posts trying to stop ppl with “fake mental illness” just make ppl who suffer from it feel bad about themselves….

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